NAOSSOFT Diversity

At NAOSSOFT Staffing, we do more than just commit to diversity: diversity is in our DNA. Here, we judge employees based on their ability to perform and contribute to the success of our clients, our team, and our company. We believe people living their true selves helps power every facet of their lives, including their work; thus, we welcome this authentic living with respect, openness, and encouragement. As a global technology company, our dedication to inclusion and technology are inseparable. Representing the clients we serve helps us better understand and improve the world around us, which is precisely what technological advancements aim to do. By focusing our strengths on diversity, we can shrink the opportunity divide that plagues technology industries and impedes human advancement.

As a minority-led company, diversity is our past, present, and future. No matter their ethnicity, orientation, or creed, anyone can strive with us; our mission and goals are fueled by our people. We hire top talent that celebrates uniqueness in all forms. We seek to make a positive difference in the world of technology by mentoring and educating to build upon the infrastructure that cultivates fundamental diversity, equity, and inclusion. By fostering a deeper understanding of differing experiences, we increase emotional intelligence and further drive our culture of performance. This way, the people and companies we work with can truly thrive, helping to create a world that works for everyone.