Personal Information

Do Not Sell My Personal Information: Information for California Residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) aims to protect California residents with a host of new rights, among them the ability to prevent companies from “selling” their personal information to third parties. NAOSSOFT Staffing strives to not only follow the law, but to help our users properly understand how we do so.

What is “selling” data?

 A common understanding of “selling” information is that it involves a company taking information it has learned about you and selling that information to an unrelated third party for money. This third party may then use that data for new purposes you did not intend when sharing your information with the initial company.

While we use your information to help people find employment, NAOSSOFT Staffing does not and will never do this with your information. However, the CCPA uses a broader definition of the term “sell” than exchanging goods (in this case, your information) for money. As a result, our current practices demonstrate that we may “sell” some of your information as it pertains to the CCPA.

As they are inherent to our mission to help candidates and employers, there are reasons for why we “sell” some of your information. We show public resumes to employers to help people who have made their resume public find jobs. We also allow employers to measure job listing performance to help drive more jobs to the people seeking employment. The data we share with our affiliates allows people looking for jobs to access more job listings and employers, and for employers to access more people looking for jobs, as well as providing improved security for our users.

The following list shows examples of what NAOSSOFT Staffing does that may fall under the definition of “selling.” While the list is not exclusive, it will help give you a clear idea as to how we may use the information you provide to us. We say these activities “may” fall under the definition of “selling” data because the CCPA is new and these issues are not yet fully resolved.

We do:

  • display your public resume to employers and recruiters.
  • recommend your public resume to employers and recruiters.
  • allow third-party cookies to help employers measure listing performance and optimize our online advertising.

We do NOT:

  • sell data to data brokers.
  • exchange your information with a third party for money.

You can opt out of our transfer and/or “selling” information at any time. However, a request to not “sell” or “transfer” your information to an employer prohibits us from providing our services to you. In the event you wish to opt out, the only effective course of action would be to delete your account and personal data. You can contact us and request we delete your account. Once your data is deleted, NAOSSOFT Staffing will be unable to transfer it. If you submit the request to opt out and delete your account, you will still be able to access the services we offer on our site that do not require us to collect and transfer your information (such as your email address).

For more information on the CCPA, or to have your account and data deleted, please contact us at email.