NAOSSOFT Employment Services

NAOSSOFT Employment Services

When it comes to smart staffing, there is no one-size-fits-all method. We get to know you—the real you—so that we can learn about and prioritize your business goals. Our flexible recruitment, consulting, workforce solution, and market insight services are always targeted and customized to your specific needs.

Recruitment Services

We partner with you to help you obtain a powerful reach that will attract only the finest, most qualified tech talent whose values align perfectly with your own. As a global technology company, we proudly utilize the most cutting-edge software to streamline the recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding processes, so that you can keep moving forward.

Consulting Services

Change is inevitable, especially in a fast-paced technology industry. Think you know it all about your organization? Think again. NAOSSOFT helps you learn more about your business, so you can understand all risks and benefits of making changes to your workforce. With strategic ideas, plans, and best practices, our targeted advice gets beginner organizations off the ground and big enterprises moving ahead. Our leading consulting services are here to support you through any and all periods of transformation. We transform change from a looming threat into a valuable resource.

Workforce Solutions

NAOSSOFT enhances your brand while expanding your workforce. We provide you with strategic, cost-effective workforce solutions to help you identify and manage risk, maximizing revenue and controlling costs through risk management and process improvement. From contractor management to graduate recruitment to payroll services to background checks, and everything in between, our workforce solutions are strong and varied, delivering on a full range of complex staffing issues within the IT industry.

Market Insight

In an ever-increasingly technological world, the value of good research can never be overstated. Staffing market research gives us access to industry-changing insights, including how competitive the market is. Targeted data also allows us to fully understand employee candidate needs. We conduct essential market research that helps you understand current market trends and provides insights into how to attract the right kind of job applicants: engaged and invested employees that want to stay with your company for as long as possible.

Recruiting and Screening Process

In the dynamic and ever-changing technology and information technology industries, flexibility is a must. That’s why we offer a variety of effective recruitment solutions tailored to your individual needs. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and our streamlined processes are customized to our clients. We offer proven methodologies to serve as a springboard for your specific needs and demands.

At our first meeting, we discuss the right type and level of service for your business or organization’s recruitment needs. We then define a clear strategy with key milestones, so that you always know where you stand with us. Throughout the recruitment process, we effectively become an extension of your business, making sure the most qualified candidates ultimately receive the technology role(s) you need filled.

As a global technology company, we take pride in our years of experience within the technology and information technology industries, and we use this experience to your advantage. We conduct complex screenings with your needs in mind, asking the questions you need asked from our first correspondence with the candidate and screening for skill level, availability, salary requirements, geographic location, and commute. We use a variety of methods to verify their skill levels, including specialized assessments and advanced software.

The highest qualified individuals are then invited to interviews, where we have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss their skills and credentials. Before moving forward, we make sure the candidate fits exceptionally into the client business’ distinct culture. After interviews with our best candidates, we conduct a detailed discussion to ensure that both the client and candidate are comfortable with the relevant expectations and capabilities expected of both client and candidate.

We are not done working once our candidates are placed. Even after offers are made and accepted, NAOSSOFT continually follows up with clients to ensure the placement is going well. In the event placement is not going as expected, we do everything in our power to make it right. Our efforts reduce time to hire, improve the value of new hires, and increase employee retention. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.