Web Accessibility Statement

NAOSSOFT is dedicated to ensuring that our websites are accessible to the widest possible audiences, including those with visual, hearing, motor, and/or cognitive disabilities. We are committed to making sure everyone has an accessible experience using our sites, helping all people find employment.

This statement outlines our ongoing approach to making our websites accessible to everyone. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about how we can continue to improve the accessibility of our sites.

NAOSSOFT websites, electronic documents, and non-web software such as native mobile applications aspire to meet W3C WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Level AA conformance. We have implemented many compliant accessibility features, including defined language in source code, responsive pages that fit a variety of browser windows, non-flickering imagery, multiple access points for content on each page, and inclusion of contact information on each page. We are currently working on implementing and/or improving the implementation of a variety of additional compliant accessibility features.

We proudly support the following browser and assistive technologies:

  • For Windows: JAWS with Chrome, NVDA with Chrome
  • For Mac: VoiceOver with Safari, VoiceOver with Chrome
  • For iOS: VoiceOver with Safari
  • For Android: Talkback with Chrome

As we continue to improve the accessibility of our websites, we will reflect any changes in this accessibility statement to communicate our progress.

We value your feedback and are always seeking ways to improve and make our websites and applications better. If you are interested in helping us test for usability and/or accessibility, please contact us at [email protected].